Lake County PEG TV (LCPTV) is a public resource intended to benefit the public by enabling members of the community to have access to broadcast resources in order to explore and preserve our individual and shared experience through the medium of television. It is a place of free speech.

LCPTV is a public agency created by a Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Clearlake, City of Lakeport and the County of Lake to provide a local Public, Education and Government television station serving Lake County and operating under federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Lake County PEG Channel's goal is to support and promote the development of local television productions focusing on community driven content through education and training, facilities and equipment, and production assistance. With these tools the public will become a stronger, better informed, more open community.

Lake County PEG Channel encourages all community members to get involved in the fun.

Volunteers warmly welcomed.