We are changing

We are changing

please join us


This is Lake County

We are fortunate to be in an environmentally and culturally diverse place rich with interesting people and impressive natural beauty. It's a dream come true for those who want to capture people, moments and scenic beauty to tell stories. We all have stories to tell.

Come along and tell your story, we'll provide you with a good camera and some operational training to get you off to your first shoot. Then we'll show you how to edit your work, put it on TV and share here for people to see.

We've got some tech adjustments to make right now, so you'll be seeing changes and additions to this website and our broadcast operations.

Along the way we'll be building on successes of the past like the "Know Lake County" series produced in collaboration with Lake County Libraries, among others. Our hope is to create more collaborative relationships and celebrate inclusion as everyone has a story to tell.

As we evolve it seems probable that there will be some controversy as the bedrock of TV8 is the First Amendment. If you are interested in the things that we cannot air or must air in off-hours, please consult the member manual.

We have ambitious goals and we welcome all.

As we move along, we'll be populating this page with videos we have online and adding new features to make the station more accessible to the public.

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